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This snake is the pet of a small women who lives in Bohol in the Philippines. Though I have seen longer Reticulated Pythons, this is one of the thickest I have ever seen. It’s big enough to consume it’s petite owner.

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It looks dead

anu name ni python?

How big is this Python? This is located in the Philippines too?

wati ra man an sa amo

hindi nanlaki ang mga mata ko at hindi rin ako natakot kasi para sa akin di naman kalakihan at kung totoong pinaka malaking buaya yan pinagkaguluhan na yan ng press pa ti na rin sa guiness book of record

just search – :”Raksasa Sungai Pahang”. very big Phyton in state of Pahang, Malaysia.

ahahaha – snack lang ang ahas na iyan sa pinakamalaking Buaya sa boung mundo? ng Sarawak, indonesia pag nakikita nyo ang video ni “hengkig” entitled “buaya raksasa” try visiting his channel and you will Manglalaki ang mga mata “(O_O)” @ matatakot ‘(-.-)’


Poke it

yakz ka daku….

no point in keeping a snake like this. especially since it’s a threat even to the owner.

This snake is fed 2 (25 kilograms ) pigs every feeding. Pigs are meticulously inspected for health and are washed and brushed clean before placed in the cage with the phyton. Some viewers suggested that the snake be set free. I don’t think it will live long outside its cage.

I will not be found in a cage with a snake that size, even if he ate 3 large dairy cows. That joker is hug!

Ako nang kilawon

ahaha that’s funny so true.

This got to be fattest snake ever!

dako kaajo nga snake, kita ko ana nija sa baby pa, dako dyapun sija that time, nyahahaha!

u better feed this snake or else this guy he be in danger, maybe 5 chicken meal every feed

i’d rather be in a cage with a rattle snake that be in a cage w/ this snake.

tagbilaran gud.. amp

HOLY SHIT THATS A BIG ASS MO FO! that nigga could eat my python.
damn thought mine was big

lmao bitten, its just bit.

What kind of snake bit your mom? A poisonous snake or just like that python?

These snakes are animals and they have instincts; couldn’t trust them at all. One time that python will bite & coil a human, when it got angry or hungry.

di taga bilar diay ka???????

oo pero pag sila inattake sila ang pulutan

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